Grilling Safely At The Office | How To Keep Bees Away From Your Company BBQ

Grilling at the office is a fun way to bring workers together, breathe fresh air, and enjoy a change in environment. But grilling outdoors comes with unique safety concerns, such as bee attacks. For workers who are allergic to bees, a single bee attack can be a life-threatening event. So protect the office workers, and keep bees away from your company BBQ by following the tips below.

Location, Location, Location!

When grilling at the office, choose a location that is least likely to have bees. The pesky flying insects are attracted to water. So avoid grilling next to fountains, pools, and other locations with water. If your grill is in a fixed position near a fountain or other small water source, consider pouring a dash of vinegar into the water, which will help to keep bees away.

In addition to water, bees are attracted to pollen—so keep your BBQ away from flowers and plants when possible. If, like many businesses, your office is surrounded by flowers and other attractive plants, have the area landscaped prior to your BBQ to reduce the amount of pollen—and the number of bees—in the area.

Keep Food And Trash Sealed While Grilling

Like hungry office workers, bees are likely to show up once the food arrives. Bees will happily fly into open food containers, soda cans, lemonade pitchers, and punch bowls—so keep these items covered at all times.

Additionally, throw away trash, and discard abandoned soda cans as soon as possible. Use a trash can with a lid, and keep the lid on at all times; otherwise, the collection of trash will only serve as a beacon to attract every bee in the area.

Treat Bees The Way You'd Treat Moths

Moth balls work wonders to keep moths away—and the tiny balls also work wonders to keep bees away!

Fill cheese cloths with moth balls, tie string around the cloths, and then hang the cloths around the grilling area. The moth balls will help to repel bees and may even get rid of a stray moth or two.

Inspect The Grilling Area Before The BBQ

Few things can foil your grilling plans quite like finding a beehive outside your office the day of the BBQ. Fortunately, this type of situation can be avoided easily by being proactive. Enjoy a bee-free BBQ by having the outdoor grilling area inspected and treated by a pest control technician before the event.

For more information, contact Source Pest Control or a similar company.